Helping Others In My Community

In my school, we do many activities to help the less fortunate or people in need. One of the things that I am a part of in my school is student council. In student council, we find many ways to give to our community. We do this by having bake sales and even food drives. We also have project day which occurs every December. During this event, we take the school day off to help the ones in need. We do many activities during this day such as making Christmas cards for veterans in the hospital and even donating Christmas presents to children that don’t have the opportunity to get Christmas presents.

One thing that I am associated with in my school is student council. One of the things that we do in student council is help organizations by donating food, money, or other items to the less fortunate. One of the ways that we earn money is by having bake sales. We then use this money to donate to organizations that need items to help others in need of them. Another way we give back to the community is by having food drives. Food drives are when students at our school donate nonperishable foods which are then eventually donated to local food banks to help others in need.

Another thing that we do in our school is project day. During project day we do many activities such as helping the less fortunate by making blankets and we even donate Christmas gifts to the kids in the orphanage. I personally love project day because it makes me feel good that I helped another person in my community. One of the things that the middle school students will be doing this year is going to the food bank to help sort out food. We will also be attending the animal shelter to help out with the animals. I am very excited to help out this year because I will be doing something that I have never done before.

All in all, I love helping others because it gives me a chance to do something good in the community. I hope that I will get more opportunities later on in my life to help others out because it makes me feel that I have done something good. I definitely encourage others to help out in your community because who knows maybe one day you can make a difference.



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